Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chicken Pox!

Today Audry, Jake and Ralph all came down with Chicken Pox! I tried to tell them that now they were going to have to go to church tomorrow with red chicken pox all over them and Ralphie says "Nuh Uh Mom, these are washable poxes! We just need a bath and we will be all better!" :) Audry did a very convincing job didn't she? She did not miss one detail.
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Official Easter Picture 2008

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Official Easter Pictures

I completely forgot to get a picture of the kids before we went off to church Easter Morning so after church, the kids all went straight to their rooms to change and I told them to come back so we could get a nice picture...this is what we got. It turned out to be pretty good but it was a hurry up and take it mom! sort of thing. Just for your gain my advice first, the rest of the day second.
I am totally jumping with two wet feet into the blogging world. I used to be really good at emailing everyone but as you know, I have become very lacking. So here we go! Hopefully, you will once again become acquainted with my little mud pies.

I will start by introducing myself and my family. Although, the names have been changed because I am way to paranoid. Those of you who know us will know who is who, those who don't let me know and I will try to fill you in. Our oldest - Matilda is about to turn 9yrs old ; Audry is 7; Jake is 5 (and ready to start school) and Ralph is 3 (and just recently potty trained I might add). They are just a pure bundle of fun 95% of the time and the other 5% of the time I just repeat to my self over and over...I DO LOVE MY CHILDREN; I DO LOVE MY CHILDREN. It seems to work. :)

J and I have been married for 10 years 3 months and 11 days - but who is counting when we are together FOREVER (I must add that everytime I say that I think of the part in "THE SANDLOT" where the boys keep saying over and over 'FOREVER...FOREVER...FOREVER') You will come to know that I seem to reference music or movies in my thoughts alot so enjoy! JP is doing really well in his business and scored some pretty good contracts this week. I have been able to enjoy two weeks of breaks from school but am dreading going back to school next week. There is an end in sight though - we are scheduled to graduate in Fall of 2009 so that keeps me going.

Last year JP convinced me that we need dogs - YIKES. They are really cute - we call them Hannah (Montana) and Harley (Davidson) can you guess who named who? I am not really a dog person so it has taken some getting used to but in the quiet hours of the day when they are asleep I enjoy them in their beds- wait does that sound familiar? :) Anyway! I will see how this looks and get back at it later. Until then....

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