Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Audry went to the Dr. today and got a clean bill of health! YEAH!!! I had Dr. GermiesBeGone check everyone else's lungs to make sure no one else had this "no symptom except a backache pneumonia" and we are all healthy! Thank goodness.

Friday, April 11, 2008


OH Yeah! And Matilda's wrist is just really sprained! :)


We always say that Audry is our drama queen. Case in point - Wednesday when we were at Dr. GermiesBeGone, she gave Audry two shots - one in each leg. She was such a brave little girl during the shots (mom said that if she did not cry too much she would get a sucker). AFTER the shots, HOLY COW! Audry started crying and crying and saying how much her legs hurt. The nurse told us that we could go sit in the waiting room and wait for 15min to make sure the antibiotics did not cause an allergic reaction. On the way out, Audry drops to the floor like a sack of potatoes! She is walking and crying and then she is flat on her face on the floor - crying. At first we were all worried until we realized that she was just having one of her drama moments to let me know how bad her legs hurt. I have pondered many times what she was thinking taking a header to the floor and have wondered once or twice if she briefly passed out but...Anywho, she was fine - just sore legs.

Onto today...Dr. GermiesBeGone wanted her to come back today to make sure that she was getting better. And I thougth that she was. Wednesday she was lying around looking sickly, Thursday her daddy cannot get her to settle down. NIGHT AND DAY. Dr. GermiesBeGone takes one listen to her chest and looks worried - her lungs are not clearing up. "Hospital bad" is what she said. But still no symptoms. Then Dr. GermiesBeGone says - "Let's try a breathing treatment so see if it helps break up the crummies in her chest" and then she explains what she is going to do to Audry. After the Dr. left to get the nebulizer, Audry looks at me and says, "At least it's not another shot!"

PS The treatment did work and she is on them three times a day until Tuesday when we go back - again....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


OK, so I am always thinking how very nice it is that my children are not the sickly type. Doesn't that always come back to bite you somewhere? Just like two years ago, I made the comment that my children have never been to the ER - ever. What a month later Audry, Jake, and Ralphie were in the ER every other weekend. Audry stuck a bead in her ear on a Saturday night. Two weeks later J and I go out with friends and Jake jumps from the couch to the GLASS coffee table and goes thru the glass...stitches in his neck (good thing grandma was the babysitter) and two weeks later Ralphie is climbing in the garage and slices open just under his lip and has to go in for those liquid stitches. CRAZY!
Anyway, so two weeks ago I was counting my blessings out loud and the next day Jake cannot get out of bed - literally! His dad carried him to the couch and about the time that I had to carry him to the bathroom I knew something was wrong. So last Monday (March 31) we went to the DR where they ran a battery of tests including xrays to find out that he has a cold and that they called "Transient Displasia" aka Growing Pains. Then Audry was having some issues which I will not put out on the WWW but lets just say I was worried she had a UTI, anyway, off to the DR on Friday to find out that she did have some issues and a little Milk of Magnesia could take care of and she says "Mom, I don't have a problem going, I just don't go" Hum, I think we found the problem. Oh, and I had her look at Ralphie's ear because he mentioned it was sore - ear ache WITHOUT SYMPTOMS. Lucky me. So the weekend was uneventful then Matilda crashes and burns in PE and twists her wrist (no problem, lets just wrap it). Tuesday, Audry complains about back aches right around her kidneys and she spikes a temp, off to the DR again on Wed (today) and her kidneys are fine but she has pneumonia. Without a cough or anything. Oh, and the DR looks at Matilda's wrist and orders xrays because it is "really, really swollen" We will hear from the radiologist in a few days to know if it is cracked. Phew!
Now for the blessings part...J and I were talking today about how blessed we are that here we have two kids who are really sick - with no symptoms and that we were able to get them diagnosed before the pain and temps for Ralphie and the horrible coughing and temps started for Audry. How many parents can say that? AND I have school tomorrow, my friend who watches the boys has kids who are throwing up and ITS GOING TO RAIN - so J has to stay home and I don't "have" to skip school. What a blessing!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


We went to a local Nursing Home's Easter Egg Hunt. Our group won three of the five extra prizes that the bunny left for them. Our little Ralph won an Easter Bunny. When the nice lady handed him his prize, he looked at it and very nicely said, "Thank You!". He then turned and handed it to me. They then asked to get the children together to take a picture and he looks at me and says,"NO" very quietly to me. She asked again and he said no so I leaned over and said very quietly to him, "You have the count of five; five, four, three, two..."Fine" he says, grabs the bunny and smiles from ear to ear. I was so proud of him! After they took the picture he turns to me, hands me the bunny and says, "Let's go mom..." and started walking out the door. When we got to Grandma's house, he gave the "girly bunny" to his grandma because she likes bunnies.

Top Picture: Our kids with the Peuterschmidts! Can you tell who is who? :)

Newspaper Clipping: Pictured from Left to Right: Little boy; Ralph; Our Friend Parker; Little girl; Our Friend Ashley. Oh, and do you see Mom smiling with pride from the background? :)

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