Saturday, February 21, 2009

TRAVELING...Through Time

Oh my goodness! Matilda got to sing the National Anthem with her school choir tonight at a local college basketball game so we got to go watch the games. We made it a girl's night and left Dad home with the boys (they are still sick). OMG we had so very much fun. I forgot how exhillarating basketball games are (when they are live)!!!

It made me think of the old days - do you girls remember that? Practing two hours a day and then playing in the games? The home coach got mad at a call tonight and started stamping his foot on the ground...Do you remember when Coach Eddie did that and the heel of his shoe went flying across the floor?

Why can't old women have pick up games like the guys? Except you K.M. - I will forgive you for the next 6(?) months or so...I miss it so bad tonight...What great memories...

The girl's and I had alot of fun...sorry, no pictures I forgot the camera (yes, I know that was pretty loserish but hey! will remain in my memories - right?)

To all my girlfriends from long ago...I really miss you all...Hope you have a great week!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Late night thoughts...

The house is quiet. It is 11:30pm and I am able to think on the goings on of the past few days. What did I learn? LISTEN TO THE SPIRIT. Sammie has been sick for about two weeks and yesterday I had the thought that I should make an appt with the Dr to make sure that he is ok. I put it off…last night at 7pm, Sammie starts complaining about his ear hurting…by the time I get him to the doctor this morning at 9am, his left ear is so bad that the doctor fully expects it to burst in the next couple of days. Yes, I know I could not have prevented his ear getting infected, but if I would have listened to the promptings, he wouldn’t have had to go thru so much pain. Lesson Learned.
I have made it a goal to read the Ensign every day along with my scriptures. I am really enjoying it. There is such a wealth of peace and knowledge in reading it. What a blessing for me.

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