Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today's Update

So, yesterday I woke up with a plan. Do you want to know what it was? OF COURSE YOU DO!

1. Get up 5am - read scriptures
2. 5:30am - study for online exam until 6:30 when I wake kids up
3. 6:30 make breakfast for aformentioned children
4. 7:15 hustle children out of door to bus after family prayer and kisses (picture June Cleaver?)
5. Continue to study and then take exam @ about 9am
6. Leave at 10:30am to go pick up my patient's information for tomorrow's clinical day
7. Get home from Hospital with paperwork information in hand and finish paperwork before children get off bus.
8. Make yummy dinner and then watch "Dancing With the Stars"after putting children to bed.

Now, lets all let out a wonderfully, relaxing, refreshing, "ahh..." Right?

OK now do you want to know how it actually went? Do you really? :)

1. 5:15am I am crawling out of bed - HOWEVER, JP is up...
2. 5:30am I have R's landscape plan spread out over the bed going over what plants need to be gotten today so that we can finish R's house this week - BEAUTIFUL WEATHER!
3. 6am - it's decided, I am going to leave as soon as the children get on the bus to head to our plant supplier 1.25 hours away to pick up plants for the R's job. JP is supposed to go to the R's town to pick up a concrete mixer and bring it back for another job he is doing in this beautiful week. As well as go to another two suppliers to get irrigation supplies that he needs for two other jobs he has.
6:45am - 7:15am kids are crying because they cannot find shoes, shirts (I am sure someone hid it mom! I know I put it in my drawer! - later found in the clean laundry basket), homework, etc...Cannot shove them out the door fast enough, the bus driver is waiting but not happy about it!
7:20 I am leaving for supply land to pick up all sorts of materials - I think it ended up to be three stops on that trip.
10:25am pull back into inside, change into clinical scrubs, print my paperwork, grab a sandwich for "breakfast" and leave again back to the town I just came from.
11am - stop to pick up the irrigation supplies JP needs - he's probably not going to make it this direction today.
12:15-1:20pm gets patient information
1:30 pick up another plant for job and stop by Sam's for some milk.
2:00 Target to get a shirt for Ralphie for pictures today - oh and Audry really would like to try on some skinny jeans...
3:00pm - rushing home to get there in time to get kids ready for already mentioned pictures.
5pm pictures completed - now what for dinner?
7pm - sit down to take exam that I have not sufficiently studied for.
9pm - finished exam 83% :(
9-11:40pm preplanning paperwork...interesting read but so very tired!
12AM bed - just to get up at 5 again...

I think I am exhausted just thinking about it!

I know somehow this can work...I WILL BE ORGANIZED... I think I am going to have to make that my new mantra!


Leah said...

Can I get you a room at a hotel for a few weeks and let that sweet husband of yours figure out the organization part?

OK, maybe you just need to be in survival mode for just a little while longer! You will survive the insanity and be one amazing nurse, mom and landscaper!

Sunshine said...

We are working on it...survival mode is in full swing!Four more weeks and school is done for a month...I will keep repeating to myself, I am in charge, I am in charge...

Caty said...

At least you STARTED with a plan! That is farther than most people get! :)

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